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The Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Avoidance Squad knows that oftentimes when people are on vacation, they wish to lounge at the pool, spa or beach all day. When it comes time to get something to eat, they might not want to get dressed up, find somewhere to go eat and go through the song and dance of eating out. This is when many people will elect to order in to their hotel room from an outside eating establishment.

Sometimes, there is a flier for a local pizza shop or other restaurant that was left at the hotel guest’s door or slid underneath the door sill. Marveling at how convenient this is, many travelers will call up the location, order their food and give their credit card information to the restaurant. Soon thereafter, they will realize that their food is not coming after all, and when they get their next credit card bill, they will notice unauthorized charges since their credit card was stolen.

The Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Avoidance Squad recommends calling the hotel’s front desk whenever travelers see a restaurant flier on or under their door in order to make sure that the restaurant is a real place. If vacationers are still unsure about the legitimacy of the restaurant, sometimes the best option is to order room service or go outside of the hotel to dine at a restaurant in person. It is advisable that when on vacation, to never give out one’s credit card information out over the phone.