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Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Squad knows that New Orleans is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. People often choose to visit this city to have a good time. They do not visit New Orleans to be cheated out of their hard earned money. In the French Quarter travelers can sometimes fall victim to a common scam.

A person will approach a visitor with a kind smile and conversation. During this time they then offer the tourist a wager, the bet being for $5 that they know where they got their shoes at. For someone visiting, this sounds like an easy opportunity for some fast cash.

Yet when the tourist accepts the bet, these scammers surprise them with a twist, saying they got the shoes on their feet on Bourbon Street, and quickly will take the money because they have won. This play on words often leaves visitors stunned that they lost their mmoney.

There are some easy ways to avoid this situation from happening. Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Reduction Team knows that this can easily happen anywhere, so when anyone walks up to you offering to make a bet, just simply walk away or say no thank you. The only way to get your money back on this scam is to pull it on your friends once back at home.