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Unfortunately some members are faced with the need to resale their timeshare.  Either for health reasons, divorce, or lifestyle changes, sometimes the membership that they have treasured can no longer be used.  While selling a membership is possible and transferring a title is manageable, Grand Solmar Timeshare members should be aware of the scams that are out there.  If an owner chooses to sell their membership then they relinquish the rights to use their resort.  However, until that happens the owner is still part of the Solmar family, and Grand Solmar Timeshare does feel it is important to review this so members are not swindled out of their hard earned money.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind regarding membership resale.

A common phrase many hear is, “Membership rates online look lower than what we paid, did we get taken advantage of or overcharged?” The short answer is no. The Grand Solmar Timeshare resort is brand new, and there are very few resales as many owners have not even used the property once yet. Many people see online rates posted and think they have been cheated when in fact the developer is offering pre-construction rates that are unbeatable. Often websites advertise Grand Solmar but if you delve deeper it could turn out to be an older Solmar all-inclusive membership, or a Playa Grande membership.  Now although these resorts are beautiful, they are different and thus the value is NOT the same.  This is a bait and switch seen often online with timeshare resale companies.  Oftentimes buyers purchase thinking they are getting one thing, and when they arrive at the resort and are denied certain benefits they feel they were cheated by the resort.  This really is not fair to the resort, as the resort adheres to a strict process by the Mexican Consumer Protection Agency to disclose all benefits of ownership in writing.  Resale companies often present an older membership as being a newer membership.  A membership that was sold 10 years ago for $10,000 does not have the value or the benefits or qualify to use the units available to the owners who pay $30,000 from the developer—there are different levels of ownership.

Do not pay a fee up front. Why would a company need a $495-$1995 fee up front?  They may state that it is for the taxes and title transfer. If that is the case than that should be paid only when money is in an escrow account.  Think of it this way: a realtor would not be paid upfront before they sell a home.

If a member attends another presentation of a travel club and the club says that they will buy back the membership and send the owner a check but they must first pay tax and title transfer and buy a travel club package, this is a scam. Why would anyone buy something from an individual in order to sell them something that costs less?  It makes no sense!  Grand Solmar Timeshare would like to especially warn members about these fraudulent travel clubs.  These scams even have websites created which mimic escrow accounts.  These are scams and it will cost the member more money and NOT help them sell their membership.

Grand Solmar Timeshare recommends that if an individual want to resell their membership, they should use a do-it-yourself website such as www.redweek.com as these require a minor membership fee of a few dollars a month and no major investment up front.